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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hi :O)

Hey all, hows things been your way?  Its been busy here and weather has been crazy lol  One day its 80 and the next day we have snow and ice. 
little bit of ice on the trees


yes, I was driving down the road taking pictures.  thought it would make a cool picture. 

My flooded garden spot.  watering it is not a problem when it rains alittle lol  the water from the shed run off into it.

This is the ditch on the north side of my property, its only got water in it when it rains.
All I have been doing mainly is going to work and saving some money. Not really doing much too the place, when I have time off because of the weather, its not good enough (or dry) enough to get a concrete truck in there to pour the floor. And yes, when its dry we are really busy at work.
I'v been doing a lot of thinking lately, not sure what I am going to come up with for a decision but it will be the right one for atleast a while lol  really missing the idea of being back in Colo this summer and exploring places and meeting new people and seeing old friends, looking for that elusive gold nugget or those pretty gem stones, taking pictures of the sights and old mines and equipment.
I am missing it.  hmmmmm, what to do about it.
In other news I saw a fella that I had met last year out there in Colo the other day, he was coming through ks and his way back to Colo.  Was a nice surprise when he called and said he was in town and wanted to say hi.  Visited for a while and helped him out alittle, he was short on money so I bought a item off him.  No, not that lol  it was all legal people..  Geeesh  :O)    He had been back to N.C. to visit his dad who wasn't doing very good health wise.  He was headed back to A.Z. to get the rest of his stuff then heading up to Denver. He shoes horses for dude ranches and also guides horse rides also.  Pretty interesting person to sit around a fire and listen too. Always has a joke or a funny story to tell.  Reminds me of a skinnier Larry the Cable Guy lol  
got to go for now, if I get a chance I will post again soon. 
Be Safe all  :O)

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