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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This was the last snow we had this spring, believe it was on may the 4th maybe.  was a record setter for around here.

This is my nephew and his wife, we were testing out the boats. He decided that the flat bottom was not user friendly lol. 

this is a old bridge over the Neosho river, don't know when it was built or when it was in use but I can tell you that it was a long time ago.  As you can see, the river no longer flows under it.  In the early 80's a friend and I drove a boat under this bridge while setting bank lines one weekend.

 as you can see by the trees growing in the deck of it its been awhile since anyone used it.  In the 90's another friend and I rode our atv's across it. The trees and brush wasn't near that bad.


Nephew in his rented canoe lol  no way was he going to use the flat bottom boat lol

My oldest sister, yes, she was using the dreaded flat bottom lol  tryied to warn her multiple times but she is a hard headed ol gal lol

this is my next to the oldest sister, she rode in my canoe.  she wasn't to sure of it at first but I think she got used to it.  row right side sis  lol 

and yes, the river was alittle low!!!   grrrrr.   lol   and yes penny, you were right...... :O) 
we only made it about half the distance we wanted too because of how low the river was. by that time we were all wore out and crabby  lol  but it was still a lot of fun. we set up camp but the ticks were horrible.  we all decide to hell with it and loaded back up and came home.  No way were we all going to be tick food.  They were really really bad. 

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