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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scared little dog

  The other day I was driving over to Manhattan in my work semi when I came around a corner and saw a little black critter running around on the road ahead of me. It didn't act like a rabbit or anything else wild, usually a wild animal will dart across the road without hesitating at all. They are going someplace and not messing around, ex specially when a semi is coming down the road at them.  Anyway, the closer I got to it I realized that it was a little dog on the road.  I slowed down and the closer I got I realized that it was a little bitty dog that almost looked exactly like my little cricket dog...   It was scared and I imagine that it had gotten out and had followed its owner down the drive way or something of that nature.  It was confused and scared out of its wits. I felt so bad for it and scared also that it was going to get hit.  I couldn't stop and help it because there was way too much traffic on the road and it was in a dangerous spot for me to stop.  It looked so much like cricketdog.  I slowed way down and turned on my flashers to warn others that something was going on, the little dog was so scared :O(  I turned my engine brake on in hopes that it would scare it back up the driveway.  I worried about that little dog all day long, at quitting time I drove back that way to see if it was still there or not. It wasn't so hopefully, it made ts way back to its owner.  I hope.  I wish I could have stopped but it just wasn't possible.  

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  1. I KNOW you would have stopped if you could have. I'm sure somesone did and that little baby is safe =)