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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

house and other stuff

I really haven't gotten far on the house, contacted a guy to pour the floor for me in the house end of the building, thought it was a go but turns out it wasn't.  :O(  Looking for someone else to do it now.  Just when you think things will be going along in your favor it rains alittle lol    Work has been busy, making some money, paying bills, putting some in the coffee can, getting a few things that I have been needing, generally, life is going along pretty well.  If I could just get things a going on my house....
  The cat is not liking the hotter weather, honestly, I am not either!!  rather be up about 9000 ft in the mountains than down here where the heat is..   back to the cat, with the heat comes shedding of cat hair, :O(  vacuumed the floor yesterday and it looks the same today as before I vacuumed.  stupid cat lol   I cleaned the trailer from one end to the other but it doesn't look like it anymore.
Sitting here at the public library, its nice in here.  Air conditioning :O)   going to stay here until they boot me out today lol
got to do some other stuff on here so I will talk later to you all :O)   Be safe.

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