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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Canning and other things

Just a few pics of some of my canning that I have been doing off and on this summer. I have canned chicken, chicken broth, pork and potatoes so far :O)
I get such enjoyment hearing the lids "pop" when they cool down and are sealing themselves lol All you caners out there know exactly what I'm talking about :O)
I just love the idea that you can pressure cook or steam bath jars of food and then just put them on the shelf in the house some where and it will be good later when you open them. No freezing, no refrigerator no Chemicals.  Just good food :O)

 my potatoes, still have some in the garden that I need to dig and preserve.

 just a few of my cherry tomatoes, I have been giving them away to anyone that will take them lol  
Just another pic of my "fire place" mantel. I really really like it :O) as you can see I am filling it up with stuff .
Closet is getting full. I still have to put shelf's on the left side wall. its funny how when your building something you think to yourself that it sure is a big area but after a little while after you start getting things packed in there it sure shrinks fast lol

You know, I have always wanted a plasma ball, every since I was a kid I wanted one. I never bought one for myself, I would always leave hints about wanting one. I'm not surprised that I never got one when I was a kid because back then they were very very expensive and we didn't have a lot of money growing up and I understood this. But when I got older and they got cheaper I still wanted one but again, I refused to buy one for myself. I would leave hints again with people in my life but too no avail I never got one.  It was kinda weird, I would always try my best to get things for people in my life i.e. ex wife's (two) and one long term live together girl friend. Not a one of them ever took the hint lol  always wondered why no one bought one for me. I really wanted one lol 
So one day as I was walking around the mall I saw one in a store and you know what? I bought the damned thing for myself lol  
 So there it is in all of its glory sitting on my dresser :O)

Besafe all :O) 


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