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Saturday, August 8, 2015

taking the back road

I had to go to the doctor the other day, took the back roads to the appointment. I have been up this road many times and really enjoy it. I thought I might share a few pics of the trip. Maybe someday you can take it for yourself and enjoy a nice peaceful drive in the countryside.
I started taking pictures at Alta vista Kansas, off hwy 4. I have only driven past this place but it would warrant a stop some time to see all the old time farm machinery and buildings that have a lot of early pioneering stuff in them.  I didn't get a pic of the sign by the road but it said that if no one was there then to give the number on the sign a call and they would be right there to open the place up.
There are a lot of tractors of many different makes and models plus old thrashing machines, combines, plows. just about anything and everything that was used in the early yrs of farming and ranching.

This is the start of the scenic drive that all of the following pictures were taken on, there is a lot of other stuff along the way that I find interesting but I thought I would skip some so that it would peak peoples curiosity enough for them to take the drive themselves :O)  just follow the main road through Alta vista which is main street, go to the east end of main and turn right at the welding shop, You kinda have too to stay on the road. then you will see this sign and you will turn east (left) and that is the beginning. You can also start on the east end of this road at eskridge but I don't know what the name of the road you need to turn on. I imagine that its marked with the scenic rd sign as well.

This is the "Gateway"  (railroad bridge) to the flint hills in our area :O)

I couldn't capture the expansive view that I wanted to but you can see for miles across the hills.

still trying to capture that impossible shot for my little camera lol

just a old school house/ church along the way. build a very long time ago. Just past this on the south side of the road is the Mayer (sp) ranch. was established around 100 yrs ago. It says it on the ranch sign out front of the place. I'm close to the date is all I can say. :O)

Just past the Mayer ranch (east side) there is a little gravel road too the south, its a dead end that ends at the no trespassing signs but just a short ways off the main road you will come to this rail road over pass with the creek beside it. I first found this place back in the early 90's when I was working construction. Helped the railroad repair a bridge just up the way from here, Actually saved a mans life there, I was digging the dirt out away from the end of the RR bridge abutment, he was welding some on the bridge and I noticed the ground was starting to crumble behind him, I yelled at him to get out of there just in time, he jumped out just as the dirt wall caved in crushing his welder ladder and other pieces of equipment. If I hadn't been paying attention to the embankment I am positive that he would have died right there in front of me.  Was a eye opener for all of us.   anyway :O) got side tracked there :O)

As you can see, its a really pretty area. I could sit there for a long time just listening to the water running and watching the wildlife. Sure makes a person wish they had brought their fishing pole :O) Saw several perch and bass swimming around in that pool.

Just one of the many Ranch signs. Some are quite unique.

A lot of limestone was used in making this place.

Another school house. Its right before the turn to Volland if you driving east.

Ummm, its Volland :O)

These are just a few of the original houses that is left in volland, I don't know how big the town really was but to my understanding it was a pretty fair sized town (for a Kansas prairie town)

this building was not too many yrs ago just walls and not much else. Someone has fixed it back up. I cant even imagine how much money that took, it now has a lot of antique photos from a local "famous" photographer from the early 1900's  I don't know when its open but it would be worth a trip just to see the old photo's and to hear the history of the town.

Just a pic lol  Thought it was amusing "trails end" 

Was driving along and out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of something on the side of the hill, actually backed up to get a better view of it. Just random siloetts (sp).

this sign is a oddity nowadays, there used to be many many of them scattered all over the countryside. It was before rand McNally or google earth, GPS or even paved roads. These would have the family's names that lived in the area on the them. There would be a name and a arrow pointing in the direction you needed to go plus the amount of mile you would need to drive to get to their house. When you got there most likely there was a mail box or even a sign with their name on it.  You could use these signs to find just about anyone and if that didn't work you could always just stop at someones house and ask them if they knew where such and such lived and they would tell you :O)
Most of these are gone but occasionally you will still see the metal pipes still there but not much else. Just a remnant of simpler times gone past. 

these two pics are of Eskridge Kansas. There is a lot of lime stone building there, very cool.

I hope you all enjoyed the trip :O)  and if you can, try to take the drive down this back road of Kansas.  Life is a lot slower and more enjoyable if you just get off the interstate. :O)  Until next time,  be safe all :O)

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