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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Random pics with comments.

This is the garden. one of the garden plots actually. the cantaloupe, cucumbers and zucchini did great. So did the corn too but you will have to talk to the raccoons and deer to see if it tasted good.  Grrrrr
guess I'm going to have too build a fence next year.  I'm also going to build a fence around the whole place, that way it will deter the animal or animals that ate my guineas :O(  I am going to build my chicken house this fall with a covered pen. I do want to be able to turn them loose in the yard so they can eat bugs as well.  Nothing says country more than chicken running around the yard :O)
This is actually my nephews wood stove for his shop that he built out of a I think, a boiler tank. He put a different one in and asked me if I wanted it for my shop, of course I said yes :O) I was going to put it in the shop but it would take up a lot of precious space so I was trying to find a purpose for it or just safe it for a later date. In the mean time my burn barrel rotted out, they sure don't last as long as you think they should. So I hauled the old 55 gallon burn barrel off to the iron pile and was looking for another one but was not coming up with one. Looked around and saw the wood stove and thought why not :O)   its built out of really heavy steel so it should last a very long time. :O)  works better than a 55 gal steel barrel by a long shot.

The hay is cut and drying getting ready for the baler. The neighbor cuts it and we split the hay. Last year we go one bail. was a dry year, this year we got three and a partial one.  was a good year for hay.

I was going to town one day and saw this field of sunflowers, thought it was cool so I snapped a pic of it.  :O)

Just a sunset here at home :O)  I thought the rays shinning up into the sky was pretty cool. Don't know why but the way they shot up into the sky, it reminds me of the statue of liberty's crown. Don't know why it does lol but that's what I thought of when I saw it. :O)

This is my Mom :O) She loves her bull riding. She know the riders states names, and injury list etc etc :O) So I took her to see another bull riding show. This is the second time we have went, She sure does enjoy it as you can see by her smile.   Love you Mom

This is defiantly a red neck repair job.  and no it wasn't my doings lol  but I do know who is responsible for this "repair" job lol

This is a last winter, not much of a pic but there was a snow drift along the int tire front of the house.

another sunset.

And this my friends is a rattle snake :O) it was about 2.5 feet long. It was sunning itself in the middle of the gravel road

Not sure what these are called but its just weeds of some sort. but they sure are pretty. They were all over in the trees on my place.

this is my dads Honda Gold wing. Its a 1982. I brought it home finally. I need to make some repairs to it. Brake work, carb work, new battery, fix a slow leak in the rear tire, the rear air shock needs rebuilt, Its basically a time capsule honestly. Its exactly the way it was the last time dad rode it. The trunk has all of his stuff in it still, gloves, tic tacs, tooth picks lol  a bottle of water, halls cough drops among some other stuff.   Dad and Mom bought it in 1985. thirty years.  Dad passed away in Feb of 2009, I rode it home that spring and that was the last time it has been ridden. But, I am getting it ready for next spring I'm hoping. I'm not painting it or changing it in anyway, some people may say that's stupid or other things, but its going to be a memorial/time capsule for dad. He really loved his Honda.  He has ridden bike off and on all his life. His first bike was a Harley Davidson, he also owned another one as well plus a 1946 Indian Motorcycle. Man I wish I had them :O)  Of all the bikes he has owned over the years he said that the Honda was the best riding bike he ever had. Wasn't the fastest one lol but it was the most comfortable one too ride. The 1950 Harley cop bike was the fastest one he said.
  Its funny now when I get to talking to some of his old buddy's he used to run with back in the day. They will sit around and tell me things that dad had done and Its a long list of things lol Drag racing, trading cars, cruising towns, just the same stuff that any other teenager and young adult has done but he used to give me so much grieve for the things I had done :O) Things that he himself had done as well lol    anyway, love you and miss you dad.

And this is my uncle Tinker, he is getting his first helicopter ride. Hard way to get one, He wrecked his Harley on a curve. He missed all the signs and bridge, went down into the ditch and hit a rut and at about thirty mph he got slammed into the dirt.  Broke six ribs and some of those were broken in multiple places.  broke a bone in his shoulder, lacerated his kidney, liver and spleen. They were all small lacerations but still.  All he had was one cut on his forearm externally.  So they life flighted him to one hospital then too another one. So in one day he was seen in three different hospitals. he stayed in the hospital for about a week, that was about 3 months ago. His lacerations were small enough that they healed up on their own so they didn't have do do surgery like they were thinking. oh yea, he hit the ground so hard that it knocked his heart rhythm out of time, he had to go back and have them stop his heart and then restart it to get it beating correctly.   Hes healed up mostly now, has some sore days yet but hes back to work now. :O)

I will get a better picture of it from the outside but this is my view of the world at my work now. I am no longer driving a semi locally, long story lol  I maintain roads now :O)  I honestly like it so far. I started July 6th of this year. Its life at 5 mph lol  Its not stressful, I'm on my own, and its peaceful. :O) So I will be boring you all with pics that I take while driving around in the country blading gravel roads lol    So far I have had no complaints from people driving the roads or from my bosses so I guess I m doing okay :O) I have learned a few things though, some people are very picky on how and where they want the windrow of gravel put. Some mow the ditches and like for me to leave the windrow on the opposite side so they don't have to mow rocks. I understand this for I don't care to mow rocks myself.  

This llama is one of the surprises on my routes, I came around a curve and there stood this guy lol  by the way, he eats potato chips :O)  I ate my lunch right there watching him and the cows. He kept standing there looking ate  me eating my sandwich so I tossed a potato chip to him and he munched it right down. After I was done eating I went back to blading the rode way and he followed me for about half a mile, I imagine he was hoping to get some more chips from me. I have to grade that road this week so I'm taking some carrots with me to feed him. I'm sure carrots will be much better for him then the chips. :O) 

some of the produce from my garden :O)

I bought this lamp a while back, I cant find any markings or anything on it. Trying to find out where or when it was made.  I have looked online but haven't found one like it. any ideas? Its a beautiful lamp, all the metal in it is brass, heavy as all get out.. Not sure what the shade panels are made out of, some kind of plastic? old school plastic if it is. I have some porch lights that I got off a old house with the same kind of panels.  so I know that its old but other than that I have no idea. Any help would be appreciated :O)  Might have to send some pics to "antique road show" or something like that to see if they have any idea. 

In other new, I have painted the floor in the kitchen finally. Did that yesterday, should of painted the walls while I had it emptied out but I don't have the paint yet. oh well, will give my something to do later some day :O)
  The garden is winding down, still getting some stuff out of it but I should plant some fall crops now but not sure that will happen either.
  Made some red hot Cinnamon cucumbers a while back :O) yummy. Thank you aunt Peggy for helping me out with that :O) I couldn't find any lime to use in the recipe so we used some other stuff that is used to replace the lime. I thought they turned out pretty good :O) aunt Peggy wants to make some more using the lime though, I was surprised when she told me how long it takes to make them, we started it on a Saturday and finished on a Wendsday. But worth every day of it lol  
  Well all, I'm running out of time to be visiting here. Got stuff to do yet today.
Be safe :O) Talk later with you all.

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