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Monday, August 3, 2015

picture updates on the house

Built a wall around the backside of the kitchen cabinets. still need to mudd them and paint. will get to that one of these days :O)
Starting to paint the bedroom after I got all the taping and mudding done. Had my nephew help me on part of it.

The bathroom obviously lol but that is the before picture of the floor.
(learned something while painting, do use the blue masking tape, its designed for this. DO NOT use green automotive masking tape, the adhesive is alittle to good for interior house painting, has a tendency to pull things off the sheet rock. ) Just saying lol

this is the after pic of the floor :O) I think it turned out rather nice considering lol

Ceiling is textured, walls are painted and the floor is covered as well. The floor got the liquid carpet treatment as well lol

Another pic of the bathroom finished floor.

Not a good picture but I was trying to show you all the legs of the wood stove and what I was doing to them. wHEN I FIRST PUT THE STOVE IN THE CHIMNEY WAS ABOUT 1.5 INCHES TOO SHORT SO I STUCK SOME Scraps (oops, sorry about that, fat fingered the caps button lol)  of wood under the legs, I cut some pvc pipe pieces about 1.5 inches and then jacked the stove up and put them under the legs, I then filled them with quick Crete cement.  Worked pretty slick :O)

another better pic of the leg and pvc.

Another day I was looking at the wood stove area and thought it was kinda bare looking, decided it needed a mantel.  Got some old growth yellow pine that came off of ft Riley back in the day. Not sure when they built the building this came from but I can honestly say that this is some actual old growth yellow pine forest wood.  Anyway, just thought you all would maybe like to have a little history about where that wood came from.  Sanded it down alittle, left some of the roughness for character. There are even the old bolt holes and nail holes that they used to hold the building together.   Anyway :O)  there it is in all of its glory lol  I think that it looks pretty good.

I moved some more of my stuff home as you can see, The curio cabinets are in their appointed places, When I was in the planning stages of the house plans, I came up with the idea on where to put them and believe it or not lol that part of the plan stayed the same all the way to the finish..  A lot of other ideas never made it lol or got rearranged. I have a saying that I use often with my place here, inside or outside. "Subject to change"  and that is the truth :O)

So there is alittle bit of the updates I promised :O)  More too come.  Be safe :O)