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Monday, November 30, 2015

fence, ice storm and random :O)

  We got hit by a ice storm the otherday, luckily I only lost power for about 12 hrs. Not like 2007 (i think)  7 days without real power that time.  I had to go to work sat night and didnt get home untill around  4 am.  Was really happy to be home and ready for bed only to find out that for some reason my roof had been leaking.  it was dripping off my cieling fans pull chain.  Not a good end to a long day.  I took a water bath canning pot and stuck it under the drip after stripping the bed down to the dust might prevention sheet, thats what the people called it at the store so I bought it lol  I do not like bugs of any sorts lol better safe than sorry. And yes I wash my sheets and bedding regularly so dont start thinking Im a pig lol   If I didnt have that sheet thingy then my mattress would have been soaked and it would of been a real bad mess then.  I then about 30 minutes later went back in and put some paper towels in the bottom of the container to cushion the water drips hitting the bottom of the steel bottom.  It was really loud, exspecially when the electricity is out and there is no back ground noice at all. 
  I got up the next day after sleeping on the couch, no its not comfortable for a talk guy. I did some bitching a mouning about it then got busy and made a ice remover. The roof had a inch of ice all over it. I ripped a 2x4 then screwed it together so it was about 14 ft long and cut a wedge shape on the end so it could get under the ice easier so it would pop the ice loose.  GOT MY UNCLE TO COME UP AND RUN THE TRACTOR FOR ME WHILE i STOOD IN THE BUCKET AND REMOVED THE ICE.  Oops, fat fingered the cap key again.   It really worked alot better than I thought it would. I even survived his driving lol  Thanks again uncle gary :O)
  The only think that I can think is that maybe one of the screws that is holding the tim down isnt tight enough. They have little rubber washers on them to seal them against the tin. I found one close to the edge kinda loose so I am thinking that is probably the problem. two and a half year brand new tin shed roof shouldnt be leaking.   The ice was melting but it was draining off the roof between the tin and the ice. It looked like a tiny river under the ice moving really slow so I am thinking that normally in a rain storm the water is moving too fast to be a problem but with the ice it was holding in place alot longer and it was leaking through the loose screw washer.   That or else theres a hole in the roof and I will be at a loss  on how that happened.  We have nice weather for the rest of the week so I am safe that way, going to tighten the screws on the roof and check it for holes. Other than that I will be at a total loss if it still leaks.
  So after all that I took the top mattress into theliving room and put it on the floor so I didnt have to sleep on that damned couch again lol  Would of been a good nights sleep if it wasnt for the pig of a cat that I have. Patches thought I had put it on the floor for her!!!!  She was trying to hog the whole thing to herself all night.  Stupid cat. :O)
And here is some pictures of what I have been up too lately
First fire of the year,  That was about two weeks ago. :O)
I know I have talked about this before but I cant say enough good stuff about the little fan on top of the stove. No batterys or plug in, just uses the heat from the stove to make some sort of energy to run the little electric motor to turn the fan blades.  Its really worth the money, bought it at orchelns. Was about 120 dollars but it really work great, exspecially in my little 700 sq ft house. Doesnt take much of a fire to get it to turning either. :O)
And cut some more trees down to make room for the fence, thought I was done a while back but got to looking around and realized that if we got a ice storm or a wind storm the trees would end up laying on my brand new fence. Didnt take long to decide to work alittle harder and make more firewood.  I have enough now for two yrs or more.

Corner posts getting put in with cross brace (which is a grader blade) and cross wires.
I have since put the woven wire up and the one strand of barbed wire along the top.

another view. all I have left to do is the west fence now. Posts and wire and will be done with the perimiter fence. Then I get to start on the interior pens :/  It will never end lol

This is just a pic of the alley way that I had to make for the north fence, will grow back soon enough I imagine.
The north gate posts.  That is part of Cricket Lane, I called it that back when cricket was still with me and we were still parked up at my aunt and uncles place. After I got the land from them I took the tractor and mowed a walking path to the property so Cricket could walk with out having to fight the tall grass.  Hence "Cricket Lane"   :O)
Just some ice on the cloths line.

Whats wrong with this picture?  Anyone?

Random pic looking threw the tomato plant cages. No :O( I didnt take them down yet. I need too but I guess I have been busy with the fence or just being lazy lol

Another random Ice pic, looking threw a old rabbit cage. Looked cooler looking threw it with my eyes.

Ghost signs  lol

thats what was falling off the trees this afternoon when I got home. Wasnt safe to walk under the trees. It was raining ice chunks. When I was at work I had to cut a limb off and a piece fell on my forehead, dang thing cut me ..   Actually bled like a stuck hog lol with all the blood you would of thought i had to get a dozen stitches lol  but it was just a couple of scrapes.  Next time I will be wearing my hard hat to do that...

The picture doesnt do this any justice, these are canadian snow geese and they stretched left and right of this pic along ways. My guess is there was atleast 1000 geese out there. Honestly, I think there was alot more than that.

Well, thats about it for this update. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving :O) 
Be safe all :O)
  Well *^^$##. my spell check isnt working. Had to take it into the shop the otherday, it was all jacked up. Not sure why but it wouldnt work anymore. He got it fixed but every once in a while I find something that not working or not working properly. Soooooo :O)  Sorry about the mistakes but thats me      Talk later with you all :O)

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