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Sunday, November 8, 2015

fence update and random pics

Hi all, I'v been busy working on the fence some more. Just about have all the trees trimmed back for the fence to go in. There was some dead ones that was just waiting for a wind storm to blow them down so I cut them down so they wouldn't tear up the new fence. Plus it gives me more firewood for the winter.
  Its been getting colder around here, got down to 31 degrees the other morning. :O)  I love the colder weather, sure makes it easier to work outside and not over heat.  The garden is done for the year, got one last bunch of zucchini last weekend, gave them to mom for making more zucchini bread :O)  She sure enjoys making it for people.. 
   Took the ac unit out of the window today too, probably get hot again just because of that lol Cleaned the ac unit up, washed it out and blew the nastys out of it. Amazing how dirty that thing gets during the summer. The hornets sure made it their home this summer, was a big wasp nest in there..
Not a good picture but I took the deer picture last weekend just across the road from my place.  His name is "Jerky" :O)  

Picture of the fence, south east corner. at the time of this picture I still had to put the wire ties on the fence.

This is the 2x4 fence stretcher I had made to make it tight. Pretty simple, two 2x4's drill three holes through both boards at the same time so the holes line up. put the bolts in and you ready to stretch fence. Just have to tighten the bolts so that it will pinch the wire between the two 2x4's.

As you can see I was using the tractor as a anchor, hooked the chain to the comalong and hook it to the tractor bucket and tighten.

Got some more power poles to make more fence posts, There are about 17 all together.

This is what the north fence area looked like before I got started on it. Cant even see the other end.

There you can see the other end, I cut some more of the trees out after this picture was taken.  You would think that with all the trees and brush getting removed and the ground being torn up that there wouldn't be any critters around at all but there still is. The next day after really messing things up, I walked down and was looking around and there was deer tracks all over the place plus the covey of quail that live around here was scratching around in the disturbed dirt.

Random pic with some history, these old steel wheels have been in the family for a long time, My mom with her sisters and brothers used to play on this thing when they were kids, in turn us kids played on it. Which in turn our children played on it as well.   I hope that some day my grand kids will get to play on it as well :O)  
  Its really not all that safe actually lol  you have to sit on the "axel" and hold onto the bars that are used by another person to either push or pull you around.  Had to keep your arms and feet out of the spokes that's for sure. You would learn pretty quick not to get tangled up in them lol  It was cheap intertainment and you had to use your imagination as well :O)  
And you made sure that who ever was pushing you wasn't pissed off at you too lol

You have seen the pickup on the right before, its dads old 1940 gmc, the other two pickups are 1950 fords. The middle one was my granddads, he bought it brand new (im pretty sure he did anyway)
The other 50 ford on the left is one that my uncle had picked up somewhere for parts.

If you look past the corner post down through the gape you can see the other corner post. That's where I have to run the ffence on the west side.  will be interesting to say the least. :O)

some of the trees that I have cut down to make room for the fence.

here is the other pile of trees. Yes, I will have plenty of firewood this winter. most of it was dead standing trees. There was just a few live trees. They will be good for next years fires.

This is my logging tongs, they sure are handy.

dang, got tired all of a sudden :o/  so I think I will get off here and go to bed. Been along day.  
So be safe all and visit with you all later :O)

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