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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Windy Veterns day

I have the day off today and trying to work outside without being blown away. Some of the gusts are probably 45 mph. Was cleaning up some of the loose brush and tree limbs laying around where I am putting the north fence.  The wind has actually blown some dead limbs out of the trees, one came crashing down beside me earlier and just about made me pee myself alittle lol  Two feet closer at it would have drilled me in the head pretty good. Decided then that I was going to take a break until it calmed down a bit.
  So I came in the house to look up gates on the web. They sure don't give them away :O(  Guess the gates will wait till later. I did find a home made one that actually looks pretty good at the landfill the other day, funny how I take a load down there but I always seem to bring aload back with me lol Its simply amazing what some people will throw away.
I could be doing some stuff out in the shop but a break is sounding better.  Had to back off from doing so much lately, was catching up too me.   Had a doctors appointment yesterday, the doctor saw my scratched up arms (from hedge trees and Barbed wire) and wanted to know just what I was doing to get so tore up lol  told him and he said that it would be better if I paid someone to do it lol  I told him he was welcome to come out and help and he started making funny noises lol  Hes a good guy but I doubt if he gets out much in the yard.  
  Random, I have a visitor counter on my blog and it also shows me where people are from most of the time.  I really get a kick out of seeing all the different places that visitors are from. I have regulars that are from all over the world.   A lot of you are from here in the United states :O)  To you all I say Hi..  Some times a town will pop up where I actually know or have known people in, I wonder sometimes if its someone I might know.  Here a while back I changed the settings so anyone can post a comment, used to be you had to be a member (follower) friends told me that it was a pain in the butt to make comments and at times it didn't seem to work at all. I hope that I changed it and it works. So if you want to make a comment feel free too :O)   Good or bad lol
  In other news, as I have said before my mom uncle and I had started making it a regular occasion to go to the local bar for supper. Here a while back they had to close down because of the building owner wasn't paying the taxes or something of that nature. They finally got permission to move their business down the street to the old restraint/ hangout. Had to get permission from the state and the city because it is located close to a church. Everyone said it was OK so they are working to get it all cleaned up and fixed up. Will be open in a few weeks they say, will be nice to start our Friday night suppers again :O)  They have a really good chicken fried steak on Friday nights. Not sure what the schedule will be when they open back up, hope its still the same. 
  The local artist, I have had her paint and sketch several things for me. She was commissioned to paint a mural for the front of one of the businesses in town, well long story short it took her about 7 years to complete it. There is 3 huge panels with portraits and scenes from my home town. Its really cool. I will take pictures of it and post them here so you all can see it.   
  Going to go do something in the shop, not sure what but if I don't get up and going I'm afraid that this lazy boy chair will seduce me into taking a nap :O)  So I will visit with you again later and be safe all .

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