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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Catching up

  Hey all :O)  hope everyone has been good, I have been busy. Work mostly and around here some. Been cutting wood for the stove, a lot of work but its worth it :O)  The other day a buddy called me up and asked if I wanted to go in halves with him on a log splitter. It was a bargain that's for sure, 250 each and it is almost brand new. Only 22 ton splitting force but its good enough for what we want to split. I went and picked it up last Monday, while there I saw a masonry cement block/brick saw. Long story short, I bought it for 100.00 dollars, its worth a lot more than that.  I had been thinking about buying the parts for building one but now all I have to do is replace a electric switch and start making pet watering troughs out of lime stone rocks.  Back to the log splitter, I got it home and put some fresh gas in it and it fired up :O)  let it warm up then split a bunch of wood. worked flawlessly.
  The only thing that need to be fixed is to put tubes in the tires, they are flat and wont air up so the tubes will be the way to fix that.  Going to buy some this weekend to get that done.
  The weather has been cold here and last night and this morning it snowed, had to go into work early today (6 am) to clear roads. Got to work and figured I better top it off with diesel fuel. Only needed about 10 gallons, started filling it up and I bumped the filler hose, yes, it got ugly real fast. The nozzle flew out of the tank and sprayed fuel all over the place. Including all over me.  Yes, it was a wreck.  Good thing I only live 6.5 miles from work. I drove back home changed cloths, sprayed shout all over them then took a shower.  Got dressed again and went back to work, again lol  The rest of the day was uneventful thankfully. 
       Got to cut this short all.   be safe :O)  

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