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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Forgot that I had taken some pictures of some things :O)
I was blading one of my roads (Road grader in back ground of pic)  and I happened to see this hedgeball in the birds nest. Mind you, there is not a hedge tree for about 1/2 a mile so How it got to be here in the nest is anybodys guess :O)  Imagine if it was spring and the bird that would of come back to the nest to find that in there lol 
This is Woody lol   A friend sent me a picture of some similiarly made "snowmen"  one day so I had all these wood pieces laying around at my work so I made one myself :O)  He's my night watchman lol   The "face" is actually just bore hole from carpenter ants.  Looks kinda like a face if you close one eye and squint really hard with the other one with the sun at the right angle :O)

We we're burning brush and I went for a short walk along the creek at lunch time one day and found this spring coming out of the side of the hill.  Pretty cool I thought.

This is Toby, Hes my aunt and uncles dog. He actually only has one ear, he was born that way. Good dog, he comes down to say hi when ever he hears me outside banging around on things. He is a rat killer :O)  Never sits still hardly ever. always on the go tracking critters all over the place.

This is the woven wire unspooling thing I made the other day. works great.

Here it is with a spool of wire, I welded a piece of steel on the top so I could use the tractor to carry it around as you can see. Work smart when you can I say :O)

This is the proto type that failed lol  I learned that you shouldn't weld a disk blade to anything or anything too a disk blade. The steel is to brittle and it will break right beside your welds. It was working fine until I set it down to hard and at a angle with the wire spool on it. It collapsed like a deck of cards. So :O) it was back to the shop to repair it properly. I welded a piece of strap iron across the base and then welded the pipe to the strap iron, used the torch to cut a hole big enough to slide the disk over the pipe to rest on the strap iron. works good now and it wont fall apart either :O)

It was built out of all recycled metal :O) 
got to go, have a great day all :O)

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