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Sunday, January 10, 2016

its cold lol

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a happy but safe new years :O) 
I didn't realize its been so long since I have been on here to update things. I have finally finished the perimeter fence!!!  Yay, still have to put the gates on but at least the fence is done. I have to build the pens though, not sure if I'm going to build just two larger ones or make three medium sized ones.  Probably just two.  Its been a while since I have built fences so the cost is quite a bit more.  Allot more actually lol  It sure looks good, even if I do say so myself.   Isn't it funny though, that some people just have to point out the things you have done wrong when your building things instead of just complementing a person on their hard work and perseverance?   Oh well :O) if that's what it takes for them to feel better about themselves then so be it :O)
Winter has shown up, again.  Its about -2 outside with the wind chill according to the weather man.
and I thought it was cold yesterday lol I believe that today is going to be a homemade bread day.  I haven't made any for a while, not that I have been to busy.  Work has been slow since its been rainy and sometimes freezing cold. Cant blade the roads when the gravel is froze, you can try but most of the time its just a mess. The gravel just gets pushed across the road in big chunks. 
We've been burning brush piles that we have accumulated while keeping the roads clear after wind storms or ice storms, Its busy work. Boring Boring Boring lol  But its work though. :O)  The rats don't like it either.
Oh yea, how about the power ball?  wow. and yes :O) I have bought a couple tickets trying my luck out :O)  so far I have yet to get even one number let alone all of them too win lol    Its amazing to see all these people spending so much money on tickets. I buy one, that's all it will take :O)  If nothing else its nice to have that hopeful feeling for a day or two :O) 
I need to get to splitting some wood that I have cut down, Been debating about getting a log splitter, just haven't talked myself into getting one yet.  I should just go get one, its not like it wont be used lol and it would make things easier.  I'm still burning wood from last year, but Im getting to the bottom of the pile :O( 
I've been straightening and organizing the work shop. again.  I must be a walking disaster lol  I will clean and organize things but as soon as I do something in it its a mess again.. I put my tools back but I drag stuff home or drag it into the shop to build something or fix something and it just multiplies.  And I save all the little pieces, who knows when they will come in handy when Im fixing something else later.  I'm turning into my father lol  he used to save everything too, I would bitch and moan about all the "Junk" and he would say the same thing that I tell people now "You never know when you might just need that piece for something else" :O)    I just need a bigger shop :O)
  In other news, here a while back I started playing video games online, namely xbox games. Yes :O) Im a gamer from way back when. I remember pong, asteroids, pacman, donkeykong, Atari, Sega, play station, just to name a few games and game consoles :O)  Showing my age lol
  Its really amazing the advances they have made in the gaming industry, The stuff they have today is amazing.  But anyway, I am on xbox live now. Wow :O)  Theres a few games that I really enjoy, some of the others are just to much for me and I "Die" a lot.  Nothing worse then getting your butt kicked by a ten year old lol 
Well all, got to get busy doing something, Think I will make that bread :O) 
Be safe all :O)

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