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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New toys :O)

Cut a load of wood the otherday with my nephew, cut a load of small stuff for me then we cut some bigger wood for his stove. Was a pretty good day :O)  Had lunch at the Panda kitchen,  goooood stuff :O)  
this is the log splitter that a friend and I went together and bought,  Yes :O) it has flat tires but its nothing that a couple of inner tubes wont fix.  It works great I might add.  I priced a new one, 1100.00 new. We paid 500.00 for it and its practicaly brand new.  Will sure make cutting wood a lot eiasier. I will be able to cut bigger pieces, bring them home and split them up.  Nice :O I'm still going to cut my "pancakes" for the long night slow burn pieces.  My pancakes are pieces that I had been cutting out of the bigger trunks but I would only cut them about 4 inches thick. I would toss one of those in the stove at the end of the day before going to bed, they would smolder till morning and all I have to do is toss some smaller pieces in in the morning and the stove would be burning again.  Works out pretty good.

This is a masonary block and brick cutting saw. I was going to make something like this but now I don't have too. Guess I exsplained this in my previous post.  oops lol  anyway, heres the picture of it. 100.00.  The blade itself is worth a lot more than that, it in really good condition. I have a spare that I have had for a long time too.  I have a blade that is four feet across as well. Going to make a BIG rock saw with that one.
TA DAH :O)  
This is the newest and one of the best additions for the tractor. I am so happy about this one. It mounts right too the rear of my tractor and makes in into a backhoe :O)  Sure will cut down on a lot of shovel work lol  My friends dad had it and we made a deal that if I got his tractor sold and painted his old motorcycles gas tank and fenders plus if they need a water line or something dug I am to do it for them.   I  cant wait for the ground to thaw out so I can dig a hole with it lol   I am planning on having some side jobs with it to make some extra money. Plus now I can put in some more water lines, dig some footings, dig a root cellar/storm shelter  :O)  Granted its not going to be as strong as a regular back hoe but Im sure it will do what I need to do :O)  all ready on the lookout for a rock bucket and designing a rock ripper for just in case. I will bore you all with more pictures of it I am sure lol

The seat sits just behind the controls, its in the garage out of the weather. I need to get my lean to shed built so I can park it inside out of the weather with the rest of my equipment. tiller and mower deck.   Will park the log splitter in the lean to as well.  Its probably one of the next big projects to get done this spring.

Random picture, I was blading on my route and came across this in the back of the pickup, Its a little kid helicopter ride. I can remember one like this infront of falleys grocery store in junction city back in the day. Just thought it was neet and it brought back childhood memory's :O)  thought I would share it.

The fat cat says Hi :O)  Yes people, she is wintering very well.  She has a lot of extra "insulation"  lol


Its been getting really nice the last couple of days, its going to be in the fifties tomorrow and almost 60 by Friday.  Not typical weather for winter that for sure but I will take it. The snow is pretty much all gone but we might get some next week. Going to get colder again and rain/snow chances are being called for.
This morning it was still froze so we burnt some brush piles then I got to blade this afternoon. I was working on one of my main roads and one of the semi cattle haulers stopped me and told me that they sure liked my roads. Made me feel good to be told that, Its nice to be appreciated. At least for now lol
I do take pride in my roads out here.  The person before me at this job didn't to my understanding.  When Im not blading Im trimming trees along the routes, cutting the limbs back so they don't hit vehicles or my grader when going past them.  Got a lot to cut and trim lol  a lot.....   Oh well, job security. 
I still have to finish the main gate/fence entrance to my place, waiting for the ground to thaw out so I can. Im making a receased gate entrance so people don't have to get out to open the gates to pull into my driveway, They/me will be able to pull into the driveway and park at the gate off the road. There will be a small walk through gate to get into the yard and too the door of the house. Hope I explained that good enough :O)  there will be pictures of it later.
well, I just ran out of things to talk about for now lol   Take care and be safe all :O)

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