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Sunday, March 27, 2016

it works :O)

Here is the finished product of the tractor trailer hitch thingy I made. 
And here is the hitch at work :O)  just showing it off here. No real test yet on rather it will handle any true weight.

Just another closer view of it. Looks pretty slick even if I do say so myself :O)

First load , I actually hauled three. My farmer buddy told me I could have as much manure as I wanted. Its just shy of two miles one way to go over to his place.

Hooked back up and its holding so far, Hadn't moved at this point so it was still a fifty fifty deal lol   Bounced it out of the pasture and down the road back to my place. Not a problem at all. 

Here is two loads on the big garden plot.  On the last load I really heaped it on there, wasn't any room left and it was stacked high. It made it back home too :O)

Unfortunately, The hydraulic lift on the dump trailer doesn't work. Its actually a 12 volt motor pump and the electric motor is shot so I am going to make a hydraulic hose that will hook onto the cylinder and hook up to the tractors hydraulic system.   As you can see in the picture there is a shovel in the trailer, yes it was unloaded with the shovel.  :O/ That will be fixed soon....

Put the tiller on after leveling out the piles and tilled it. Its looking really good :O)  Its tilled to a depth of around 12 inches.  Things should grow pretty good.

Here is the pile of manure, I don't think I'm going to run out anytime soon lol got to watch out for a few rocks and once in a while there is a piece or two of twine but not bad at all. I think I picked out 3 pieces of twine about 2 ft long out of the three loads. There was about 5 or 6 rocks in there too.  Like I said, not bad at all.  One year at another place I put a garden in and got some manure from someone else and I fought twine every year after that. The first time I tilled it I had to stop and cut twine for about two hours to get it cleaned out. It was ridiculous..  

So that's what I did for the afternoon today :O)  It kind of funny though, started out this day with  snow on the ground and ended it with working the garden with sunshine and no snow. It didn't take long for it to melt that's for sure.  when I drove by my neibors house a mile down the road his kids had gotten out and made a snow man this morning. It was a pretty good sized one and each time I drove by it was smaller and smaller lol by 5 pm it was just one snow ball about the size of a soccer ball.  Frosty didn't make it I'm sorry to say lol  
  Well that was my day, hope I didn't bore you all too much.  Hope you all had a good Easter :O)  take care and be safe all.

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