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Monday, May 9, 2011

the first road trip

Friday I took off and went to Peggy and Gary's place for the meatball supper :O) was delicious again. Decided to stay there for the night and had a peaceful nights rest for a change, no dogs barking at all hours of the night, no traffic driving by all hours of the night, no train horn waking me up. Not a single noise but the leaves rustling in the breeze and the crickets chirping :O) got up and around sat morning ans headed to town to fill the propane tanks and to get some other stuff from the elevator before heading to the lake.
We pulled into the lake and found a spot around 2 and set up camp, not hardly anyone around. About 3 hrs later there was plenty of people around and why is it that they all seem to think that you want to listen to their music cranked up really loud?? It wouldn't be so bad if they kept it at a sensible level but nnnooooo, they have to turn it up so everyone at the lake can hear it too....
It wasn't all that bad actually but I sure could have enjoyed it more without the noisy ones. Sat there and watched the camp fire for along time, had a few marsh mellows. Even put one marsh mellow on a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie, not too bad but it was a little rich though :O) finally called it a evening about 130 am and slept like a baby :O)
Got up the next morning and headed for town to discover that a heater hose was leaking anti freeze. uugg but better now then on the road out there in the middle of no wheres ville.. Fixed it and ready to go for another shakedown trip. Got to make a few improvements to the camper and one major to the trailer to make things allot easier and better all around.
On another side note, its getting freaking hot around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
got to go, cricket wants to go outside :O) later all :O)


  1. That sounds like a nice relaxing evening sitting by the campfire watching the embers glowing! I love doing that! :)

  2. hmmmm, not sure what happened up there...LOL