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Saturday, May 28, 2011


 hi all :O)  left thursday and ended up at the ottowa co lake in ks.  took some cool pics will have to post later, this connection is not very good.  I had some friends that invited me to come out there and camp with them so I did.  Only planned on one evening and part of the following day but we weere havn so much fun and catchn fish that I stayed a extra night.  they sure was sad to see me packing up to go on my way.  Jay and Margaret told me that I had better come back soon or else  lol  left there and have been on the road all day. Ended up here in Eads colo for the night.  Cricket is pissed off!!  nothing but sand burrs around here...  got one in her foot and one stuck to her but when she sat down to get the first one out.  Found a spot for her to safely walk around but shes still not happy.   
  Figured up my milage on one tankl full of gas,  got 8.9 mile per gallaon!!!     yeehaaaa   lol   hey, better than 6.8 mpg   but i did have the wind behind me all day though which was nice.  The traffic has been very little today actually,  I was just about the only out here.      better go for now,  will post pics when I get a better signal.    Nite all  :O)   

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