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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm baaack :O)

  This has been a truly interesting week as far as prospecting goes,  run a high banker /dredge combo for a while, ran my high banker for a while. Even run a 4 inch dredge for about 10 min until the air compressor pulley shattered.  Wasn't my fault either lol  out of all those machines we still only got alittle bit of gold!    In search of better grounds to prospect and not taking the posse with me either, had enough of that mess.  Its just cricket patches and I again :O)  and some peace and quiet.
  We wpent the week down at point bar with some others but had no luck what so ever.  Dug some really big holes and even dredged some material about 15 feet above the river lol    used the water from my high banker to flood the bed rock that was above the river, worked really good but I believe that they probably have a regulation against that type of prospecting :O)  Should have took pictures but was really busy trying to keep up with everything that was going on around there and take care of cricket too.  She was pissed off most of the week because I had to keep her in the camper because of the scorpions, they were everywhere!!   Little tan ones to some bigger black ones, not sure how poisonous they were but was not taking chances. 
  One evening while sitting around the campfire, I noticed the river was turning a butterscotch color. By the end of the evening and into the next Day it was so murky that you couldnt see even a inch into the water where before you could see the bottom anywhere along there even in the 10ft deep holes.  come to find out, there had been a cave in up on chalk creek  that made it look so bad, guess that the cave in was bad enough that it just about blocked off the creek.  The game warden said that no one got hurt or anything but it was pretty hairy for a while.   It took about 2 full days to clear back up enough to see the trout in the river again.  And they say that its the gold miners that are making the river dirty lol   
  Cricket has been doing okay, she just needs to learn to take it easy when I'm not around :O)  She gets herself so worked up when I leave her in the camper. If she can see me its okay for a while but if she cant see me she is all wound up!!!!   Spoiled brat :O)   
  One night I went to use the phone up on the hill by that bathroom, usually you can text from there when the moon is aligned with Jupiter and the signal gods are shining down upon you lol   I wanted to talk to a friend instead of texting so I climbed a hill/Kansas mountain to get a signal.  Talked for awhile and then I noticed flash lights sweeping back and forth down by the camp and bathroom, figured out that it was the rest of my group looking for me lol  cricket had started raising heck and they realized I had not came back from the bathroom so they were freaking out searching for me. I  scrambled back down off the mountain side, it was light when I went up there but now it was totally dark.  Thank goodness for cell phones and the light you can use on them lol   If you haven't walked and slide down the side of a mountain in flip flops in the night using your cell phone for light....  DONT lol    got down to the flats and walked up to them all and asked them what were they looking for and you would have thought I had set off a fire cracker lol  they all jumped and then started cussing me lol     I really honestly felt bad for making them worry but it was worth it to scare the heck out of them like i did. 
I'm going to hang around town until tomorrow probably so I can update this blog some more and post some pics, make some phone calls to say hi to friends and family.  Kinda miss them ( not you Matt lol  and I am number one too!!   :O)  no meat balls for you until I get  lol)   

going to go save cricket now and make some calls.   Be safe all :O)

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