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Monday, August 8, 2011

more pictures

Just one of the many views that I am forced to look at each and everyday that I have been out here hehe

Nothing really special about this picture, I just thought it was neat with the withered 100 yr plus wood and the steel rods sticking up out of the ground.  Just another old gold mine that didnt pan out for the owner by the looks of it.

alittle better shot of the mountains, this is the view I got everytime I stepped out of the door east of Buena Vista.

another angle

Cricket getting all limbered up to eat breakfast :O)

Some more of the gold that I have found out here :O) 

This is looking north towards salida co from point bar where we we're camped this last week.

a better pic of the gold found at point bar, this was 10 full concentrated buckets of material run through the highbanker.  just another 2,583 bucket to go for out first ounce LOL

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  1. Just 2,582 buckets? is THAT all?? Easy Schmeasy.