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Monday, August 8, 2011

pics of Buena Vista and salida area.

I was sitting in the shade in Buena Vista when i caughta glimpse of something running around on the roof of "Jan's Restaurant"  got to looking closer and realized it was a dog. The owner I am assuming, left the window open without the screen on it so the dog could get out of the house lol

This is what the main street of Buena Vista looked like after a rain the one night I decided to go out to a bar lol  it rained so hard that the street was flooded up to the business's doors and it was running inside some of them. It really poured down for a while. Had a really good time there at the "Highway Dept bar"   Cool old building was actually the maintenance shop for the highway dept back in the day.  Dogs are welcome :O) 

Just a shadow picture of Cricket and I and  a old mine shaft that has collapsed in on itself. We camped here for a few days and hiked around to the old mines dotting the mountains there.  Just east of Buena Vista. 

This is just a pic of cricket by a huge rock called Elephant rock, its just after the four train tunnels I have showed earlier in a blog.  and the next one is a full size pic of the same rock. 

This sculpture is in front of a gas station in Poncha springs just west of salida, rather wonderful I think.

And for those of you wondering where all the gold pictures are :O) ,  here is one of them. Will post more after while. Looks like alot untill you put it in a bottle then it shrinks dramatically lol

the view of the moon from camp the other evening.

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