1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

wondering what to do with the blog

  I got up  a few morning ago and realized that it was time to go home. I was done with this adventure for a few different reason.  I just new when I was looking at the map and couldnt figure out a direction that something was up with me.  I finally decided at 430 pm in buena vista that i was going to head east, not sure where east but east. I drove with the thought that I was going to end up at fair play again but when I got to the intersection for fairplay or colorado springs I went to the right towards colo springs.  Not actually thought process I just turned and headed that way.  I got down the road a ways and it sunk in that I was actually headed home. No real reason except that I had done everything that I said that I was going to do.
  Alittle farther down the road I realized that I had not seen a bear yet!!  I got to thinking about it and decided that I could go to a land fill and see a bear there, granted not the ideal place but I would most likely see a bear.  About that time I saw a flash of something run across the road in front of me and to my amazement :O)  it was a small bear!!!!  and I had just about run over the dang thing.  Then and there I knew in my mind and heart I was headed home for sure.  I drove most all the night and finally stopped just over the kansas line at 3 am.  I had been following a thunder storm all night long, it was really amazing because all night long I was watching lightning out my drivers side window.  It was a huge storm.
 got up the next morning and headed on down the  road towards home, got about 100 miles east and started seeing alot of storm damage, it looked like a tornado had gone through the place. Roofs riped off tin buildings, tree limb down all over the place, you name it strung all over.  Good thing I stopped when I did or I might have been in the middle of it.  
  Stopped at ness city for gas and a cheese burger at the frigid queen.. if you get a chance to stop there do it!  its really good food.   Got back on the road and text my sister and started asking about supper and if she would set a plate for me. She thought I was still in colo and I let her believe it.  I got to her place to only find that she was out riding on the morcycle :O)  so I headed on to my aunt and uncles place, got there and peggy was putting groceries away so I just stood in the door looking at her untill she turned around and saw me.  No one knew I was headed back so it was a surprise to all actually :O)   
  So now I am back home staying at my aunt and uncles place for now and wondering what exactly I am going to do now. and what do I do with the blog. Do I keep it going and turn it into a diary or just let it fade into the past.  I dont know. I have really enjoyed writing on it and yes it is kind of a journal/diary.  so what do you all think?  keep it going or dump it?   

In other news I believe that I am going to buy a hot dog cart adn try that out for  while. Always wanted to do something like that.  See if it is actually something that a person can make some money at it or what.  If it goes good then maybe someday up grade to a concession trailer :O)  not sure what to do actually,  need to do something though.  Money doesnt grow on trees lol 

  anyway, let me know what you all think about the life of the blog.   be safe all    :O)


  1. keep it! and a hot dog cart sounds awesome!!!! i saw on in manhattan on pontz this summer and thought it was cool!