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Sunday, August 7, 2011

some pics and some rabling about pics :O)

it has rained most everyday in the afternoons here, this is one of the many rainbows that we saw.  Even hada double rainbow but couldn't find the camera fast enough. 

This  was at cache creek, I dug around at the bottom of this thing for a short bit and then noticed a crack forming just about down the middle of it. I got my stuff out of the way before it came crashing down, took it as a sign and left it alone after that lol  It is some original soil left behind after the hydraulicking mining was done there back in the 1870's   That type of mining was outlawed in 1910 or 1911.  It was way to destructive to the countryside, it would make a mountain into a rubble pile. 

this is not a good picture of the hill I slide backwards down but it does show the tire tracks from the trailer where it ended up in the ditch lol  what a ride and horrible feeling to know in your heart that there is absolutely nothing you can do but go for a ride...  not fun but i whata Adrenalin rush after everything came to a stop and nothing was broke or messed up :O) 

really got to go this time,  need to call a friend to see how the rim to rim hike at the grand canyon went.     Be safe all  :O)

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  1. If you look at the picture of the one you took at cache creek... It kinda looks like a lil deformed angry midget perched on top. That should've been a sign :P LOL