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Thursday, September 1, 2011

hello all

  I apologize for not keeping up with the blog like I should have.  I got back and really got lazy I guess.  Its been really hot here , I am ready to go back to colo for the cool weather lol .  Cricket has been doing okay considering teh heat, she stays inside in the ac alot but she has been looking like she doesn't feel good or something lately. Going to take her to the vet tomorrow and see if she is doing okay or not.   Need to give her another bath, she went under the truck day before yesterday and rubbed on something with oil on it. And no, its not he oil making her feel bad, I cleaned it all off :O)  But she still needs a bath though.  :O)
  I really haven't been up to much really, helped my uncle some tearing down the old gas station here in white city.  Had to get a new phone, I guess the company I had been working for finally realized that they hadn't shut my company cell phone off lol  it only took them 8 months.  got one of those straight talk phones from walmart, not a bad phone.  It gets good signal and so far I haven't had anything bad to say about it.  cant complain about 45 dollars a month for unlimited talk text and web. 
  Worked on the pickup getting it back into shape, tried to get the ac fixed but no luck so far :O)   Went to town today while it was 108 degrees with no ac,  talk about warm!!!  Cricket wasn't impressed lol 
  I;m getting antsy again, wouldn't mind going somewhere but don't know where and in this heat it would be miserable anyway.  But I am waiting for the weather to break so cricket and I can get on the road again, even if its just for a short trip.  We keep talking about going to Arizona this winter so maybe I will leave ahead of everyone and take my time going to Stanton Arizona and meet down there.  Not sure.  If I stay in the lower elevations then cricket should be okay, just depends on what the vet says tomorrow.  and the heat!!!  Damn its hot here, did I tell you that already?  lol    been surfing alot, nothing in particular just stuff. 
 well, better go for now,  will get back on here when I have something interesting :O)  going to take some day trips and take some pics from around here. Some of the stuff I have in mind will be pretty cool maybe to all of you, I hope.    nite all   be safe

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