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Sunday, September 18, 2011

things that make you go "Hmmmmm?"

This sail boat is sitting out in the middle of no where, in the middle of all these trees in the middle of a field. There is another smaller sail boat and 2 motor boats. Only one is any kind of shape is this larger sail boat but it is in really rough condition.   Last time it was registered was in Florida.

the cabin is pretty bad condition and it smells.

this is one of the large airplane hangers that is still there at the herington air port. It originally started out as a training base for bomber planes back in ww2.  they closed in some years later and this is about all thats left. a few buildings and a bunch of old foundations.  They runways are still there, if you google earth this place you can see it all from a birds eye and its really cool.  There isa large feed lot that uses one of the runways for its cattle pens too.  
  Back in teh day a bunch of use used to go over there in the winter after a ice storm and play on the runways.  Get up some speed and crank the wheel and hit the gas lol  would slide and spin circle for ever it seemed like :O)   No one ever got hurt but a few fenders got wrinkled lol   I wonder if any of the younger generation does that anymore? 

a shot of just one of the many runway aprons that are along the runways. I couldn't get a pic of the run ways but like I said, google earth it and you will see just how big it was.   google either herington ks airport or delevan ks and go north about a mile or 2

this hanger used to welches welding and manufacturing plant, They used to make farm implements. My dad worked here for a short bit and I used to go hang out with him sometimes. The owner of the place was also into gold mining.  He used to tell me stories so imagine that is in part where I got interested in gold mining lol   He was a hard rock mining though.

one of the many many foundations that are all over the place. It was a huge place in its day.

dont think I want to fly this one :O)

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