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Sunday, September 18, 2011

something different

didn't know there was some posts surrounding it, used to have chains on it but long gone.

missing a few  pieces here and there.  Some body has not been to kind to this statue.

kinda old huh :O)

this is the view from the co rd. Its on the corner of skiddy rd and J-hill rd in geary co kansas.  I have looked at this thing all my life and finally, 45 yrs later i climbed to the top of the hill and got a close look at it finally :O)   Used to be able to see it really good but the trees and shrubs have kinda grew up and just about got it hide from few.   It has seen alot better days, looks like somebody would take care of it. Maybe a historical society or something like that.    You can see alot from the top but I have no idea what its there for. 

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  1. up date, drove by the indian statue the otherday going to town and saw that someone had cut all the trees down around it and mowed teh grass too. Really looks good and you have no trouble seeing it again ontop of the hill.