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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

over haulin

Hi all,  hope everyone is doing great.  I have been pretty stagnant  here lately but getting things lined out for hitting the road soon.  Been remodeling some things in the rv and doing some junking for Gary while I have been parking in their drive way.   Got to take another load to town today and stop by the hardware store and get some brackets and such for my remodeling projects.  I am also looking into some solar panels to charge my batts, any suggestions anyone?  I could sure us some advise.  I dont mind spending the money on stuff like that because it will make me even more independent but I just need to know what type  or how many so I'm not wasting money.
 Stopped and talked to a guy about some a while back and all he wanted to do was sell me "his" brand or cells. Was rather expensive and way bigger than I need. Tried telling him that but he just didnt think he needed to listen to what I had to say.  I left without buying anything. 
  Its going to be very nice here weather wise so If i can get everything done up I am going to go to the lake and do some fishing and just relax.  I miss being out in the middle of now where listening to the peace and quiet :O)  Going for walks seeing new things and maybe catching a glimpse of a animal that I normally would never get to see.    :(  miss that.   
 Cricket is doing good, she is missing being on the road.  She refuses to let me go anywhere by myself and when she has to stay behind she is not a happy camper lol  So spoiled!!!  wouldnt have her any other way :O)  
 Better get busy so I can get to town to get my stuff I need.  Talk alittle later all, got a few cool pics of things around here that are everyday normal to us around here but you all might find it interesting.  post them later.              Be safe all :O)

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