1/02/00 - 11/01/11 Rest in peace baby girl, I love you and miss you.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

a change in plans

  Well, how do I say this?  I am going to head back to Colorado for a while.  Not sure on when I am going ot leave just yet, have to get some things in order  (again) lol  Going back out there and then heading down towards Arizona for the winter, for at least part of it anyway.  It has been really nice to be back home for  a while but the traveling bug is making me itch again sooooo.  Will let everyone know for sure when I'm going to take off again, just miss traveling and seeing things.  Got to order the dredge attachment for the high banker and wait for it to get in before leaving, or I might have it shipped to salida and just pick it up there.  Not sure.
 Cricket and I went to the vet fri, she is doing good. Just had to up one of her heart meds alittle and get some more flea stuff.   When I called the vet office out in b.v. colo  to get her records sent here Susan ( Lynn's wife)  answered the phone and was tickled to death to hear from us. She said that when we get back out there that we had to go out to eat at the Chinese place lol   
  So I'm getting things in order and looking forward to going back out there to do some more prospecting. The weather will be alot cooler lol  really looking forward to that!!!  Looked up b.v.'s weather and its in the 70's during the day and in the 40's at night.  yeeehaaaa.     anyway, going to go to bed now so will talk later to you all :O)   be safe.

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