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Friday, July 27, 2012


  Lets see,  its been a while since I have been here.    Where to start?   Peggy and Gary got here 3 weeks ago and we prospected, ate good food :O)  thank you Peggy for not letting me starve :O) She is sucha  good cook.  Wasn't much weight lost those 3 weeks lol  We saw some animals finally, elk, some kinda mountain goat or sheep, deer, mule deer, ground squirls by the hundreds,  we had to go to 11000 ft to see most of them.  Went over Weston pass,  lol  dont imagine Peggy will want to do that again.  Met a truck coming down while we were going up,  on a goat path :O)  needless to say, Peggy grabbed the seat belt with one hand  and covered her eyes with the other one lol  it was a tight squeeze and she was on the cliff side soooo.  :O)
  We went to Alma and seen the old floating gold dredge, that thing is huge!!!   we had been staying at ball town but we moved to point bar to do some prospecting where we could breath for a change,  got more oxygen but it was freakn hot down there!!   the mid day temp usually was in the low to mid 90's  I know it dont sound that hot but when you go from mid 70's to that, its hot!!  I found alittle gold but not much. 
  Tony and Tracy with the kids (Donavon and Megan,amber and Jacob,Jayce(sp?) ,Oda and Markus  got there for a couple of days too.  was alot of fun having them all there.  The girls scared oda with bear stories lol  It was a good time.
  Everyone left yesterday, I went back north to cooler weather lol  I'm here in buena vista for a few days then going over to Alma. When Gary Peggy and I were over at the dredge, I took a sample of dirt out of the dredge and panned it out back at camp. Low and behold, there was gold in it!!  so yes, I am going back there to clean the sluices up and any other dirt I can find inside that thing and see what all I find :O)  
   Be safe all   :O)

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