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Friday, July 27, 2012

Old Floating Gold Dredge, Alma Colorado

This thing is huge!

Some of the sluicing riffles inside the dredge, hundreds of them are scattered around.

this is where the riffles go, there are about 20 or so per side.  they are about 20  or 25 ft long.

This is looking up inside the trommel, about 8 ft around and 30 or 35 ft long.  guessing. the pipe on the top is the spray bar for washing the rock and dirt off the rocks while the trommel (big pipe) turns around and its built with a incline so the material rolls down to the end where it gets dumped onto a conveyor belt and discharged out the end of the dredge.  The material that gets washed off  drops down through holes in the trommel and into the sluice boxes which trap the gold behind the riffles on the riffles to be later scooped up after the water is shut off and run through other screening and sorting table to extract the gold.

That's Gary standing in front of the dredge for a idea on just how huge this thing really is.  This is the back side of the dredge where the materials come out after being screened washed and sorted.

Just a random picture I took on Weston pass. On the non maintained side of the pass lol

I sat my back pack up there so you all could get a idea how big the trommel is, this is the back end of it, not too sure why the huge holes are in there because the other holes where the gold bearing materials fall through are about 3/4 of a inch big. 

Standing on the ground looking up at this thing lol  makes a person feel kinda small.

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