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Friday, July 27, 2012

old gold mine above alma colo

Stamp mill for processing gold ore.  was really cool to walk around and explore the insides of it. 

you see them on the side of the mountain?  look close :O)

there they are,  there was some cable laying between the building up there and the main building down below. looked like they bucket the ore down from there to the stamp mill. not sure though, best guess.

this is a cam gear for the stamp mill

And these round looking things on the huge rods are the stamps, they where raised up and dropped onto the flat pieces you see below them to crush the gold ore into practically dust so they could add the chemicals to separate the gold..    They claim that you could hear the stamp mills for miles hammering away.   They bigger the mill the loader it was.

Just a electric motor that was in pieces, wanted to show just how big it was.  wonder how much we could get at the salvage yard clayt? 

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