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Friday, July 27, 2012

People Pics

Peggy checking something out, nope.   Wasn't gold....

Peggy Gary and don't know his name so we will call him "George"  Checking out the water table,  pretty cool machine, it really does a good job of getting the gold out of the screened materials but it is time consuming.  Need good eyes and allot of Patience.

Gary and Peggy classifying material to run through the sluice box they had set up in the stream.  Peggy found the biggest piece of gold sluicing.  Yea Peggy!!!!     ^#(^%^#%(#  !!!   :O)

Hi :O)    Just me sitting in the dredge hole, in water that was 61 degrees.  Yes.  It was cold....  Usually dredged until I started shivering, about 1.5 hours and I was done for a while.  The rocks to the left of me are just some of them that I had to move out of the way.  Gary was a weeny, he wouldn't get in the water lol  but he did down at point bar... 

Self Portrait,  was bored lol


                                        Gary panning for gold, he found a few specks.  :O)

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