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Saturday, March 26, 2011

been busy :O)

hi all :O) After being in my no motivation phase the other day, I decided that I would get busy making alittle extra money. I have been staying at my mom and dads old place and Dad was a pack rat of sorts when it came to car parts and metal of all types and sizes. He even has a caterpillar tractor that was built around 1930 something i believe, with a spare motor for parts. Unfortunately, we never got it going again before he passed away 2 yrs ago. Anyway, I have been hauling allot of the old junk iron to the salvage yard. So in a way he is helping finance my dream of gold prospecting and traveling :O) Thanks Dad, Rip Love you and Miss you.
So far I have hauled of 4 loads of junk with my tandem axle car trailer and still have more to go. Also found a pile of copper wire and pipe that I have been cleaning up so it will bring more money.
Cricket is still trying to be picky about what she eats, battle of the wills it is becoming. :O) She has been loving all the trips to the salvage yard, I head for the door and she thinks she needs to go!! The towns people thinks it funny when they see cricket and I on the tractor, She just loves it.
On other news, My uncle and I are going in together to buy a high banker and water pump to use in Colo this summer. Its a hon coop high banker and it recovers fine gold really good according to the reviews and forums that i have looked up. I hope it does :O) It will be here about mid April, they are in the process of building abunch more because of the high demand for them. Looking forward to getting it here and setting it up on the creek and running it to get familiar on how to set it up and water flow. I know :O) we wont find any gold around here but there is lead around and we can always feed to bird shot into it to simulate the "GOLD" :O) If it will keep lead in it then it will keep gold too.
Well, got to go get busy again. talk later all :O)

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