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Thursday, March 17, 2011

trailer improvements

just about forgot to get a before pic, so okay, its got one shelf up
already.. :O) I m tryn. lol

Not done with the top shelf yet, and yes the angle on the middle shelf was intentional :O)

what you cant see is the front of the trailer is rounded so i had to cut it with a jigsaw so it would fit up against the front wall snuggly. It was a pain in the a$$! but I got it and I even made ajig so the other two shelfs was easier. going to probably make another smaller shelf right below the top shelf too. Can never have to many shelfs or storage spots lol
I'm also mounting my tool box on the left side over top of the axle for weight distribution reasons and the generator on the right.. trying real hard to keep things balanced out and keep the weight down to a minimum.

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