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Friday, March 11, 2011

hi all :O)

Just thought i would get on here and say hi. I have busy with getting things in order here in the rv. Got the frig back the other day, ouch, had to get a new control module installed on it. I took it out myself with some help. Talk about a pain.... The thing was too big for the doorway, even with the door jamb removed it would have been still too big so we took it out the passenger side door lol wasnt easy is all i have to say. anyway, like i said, got it back and instead of fighting it again I took the passenger door off comepletly and then removed the seat and rearranged everything inside to make enough room. Worked pretty slick actually :O) Then got to put it all back together again lol Got it all hooked up and going, sure am enjoyn the extra room with this frig. The temp was a small dorm room size frig. Small.... I have all kinds of room now..
On another note, had to take my cricketdog to the vet thurs to get her teeth cleaned and her shots. She is not a happy camper about all that.. She had to have a couple teeth pulled. Poor little girl.. But she is doing great today and back to her old self, almost.
Turned the seat around backwards when i put it back in, not sure if i like it yet. I have to make a bracket for the "front" of the seat to get it to lean back. Right now when you sit in it it feels like your going to slide down hill out of it lol Been looking for some swivel seats out of a van to replace both of these but no luck yet.
really getting excited about heading my way towards colo for the summer :O) My dream is getting closer to becoming a reality!!! One of my goals on this odessy is too see a live bear in the woods in colo. Sounds goofy maybe but i have been to colo so many times and I have never seen a bear out there. SO that is one of my bucket list objectives :O) okay, enough rambeling for now. Here is some pics, I remebered about 3/4's of the way donw that i should have been taking pics all through the process but I didnt. Got carried away getting things done and forgot. I will try harder next time :O)


  1. Remembering to take pics in the middle of a project is always one of my issues. It isn't as easy as it seems! I could share a few of my bear encounters from Colorado if ya want :) Had many of them camping there in the 70's.

    The mods look like they are coming along nicely! You could try for the swivel bases. There is a surplus RV supply that I remember if I can find the URL, I will post it here for you. They had swivel bases cheap.

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. hi mike, No its not easy to remeber to take pics in the middle lol and thanks for the info on parts, I apreciate that. Everyone i talk too seems to have a bear story about colo but me lol looking forward to having one of my own real soon. :O)