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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I found a trailer finally :O) checked it out, liked it, bought it... Drove back home the 120 miles and it towed great, didn't bob around or bounce all around crazy on the bumps. It's a 6' x 10' cargo mate trailer. Brand new tires and it has been stored inside pretty much it whole life when not being used. Its got a side entrance door and double doors on the rear. Its going to work out just pretty much perfect for my needs. I have to build a couple of benches to mount some of my power tools on and to work on projects with. going to build some storage shelf and bins while I'm at it to help keep things in their places. I hope that i will be able to pick up some odd jobs here and there making carpentry repairs, welding and such. I will be making some of my craft things to sell at flea markets or farmer market type places. Who knows for sure, things change all the time.. All I know is the extra storage space is wonderful :O)

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