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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

not much going on

Hi all , just wanted to say hi. Not allot is getting done the last few days. Just not motivated for some reason. Getting hot already too, cricket doesn't like it and neither do i for that matter. The other day I grabbed the tub to reinstall it and I crunched it by accident. I imagine that it being so old and sunlight shining on it for yrs had alot to do with it being so brittle. Sooooo I am looking for one. I actually think that I have found a shower bottom that will work great. Like everything else though, it costs money!!! and money is short lol Going to haul some junk iron to the salvage yard to get some dollars ahead.
On another note cricket is refusing to eat her food, but she will eat the fried hotdogs and spam like a crazy dog :O) she really likes it. I might have to start weaning her off though lol She will get up and move to the other end of the bed when I put her regular dog food down. She will even turn her back on it lol Little brat.
Started pricing tires, ouch!!! best bang for the buck I have found so far is a 10 ply for 127.98 each. and I need 4 of them. Just have to bite the bullet and get them, no getting around it.

Windy today, imagine that some of the gusts were around 50 mph. was rocking the rv pretty good, cricket was looking at my wondering what was going on. The cat thought that we were moving the camper or something, she was meowing like she does when we do move lol They had us in a tornado watch so I went around and gathered everything up and put things away just in case we had to make a hasty move to get out of the path. Well, cricket wants to go outside for a while so I will talk to yo all later. :O) be safe.

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