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Saturday, March 12, 2011

wiring lights

it was a success :O) as you can see it was 99% successful lol have to work on one it looks like. If you all would have seen the mess under the back end of the RV you too would be impressed lol It looked like a giant robotic spider had made its lair under there or something like that. I got so frustrated with chasing old dead wires and bad wires that I got the cutters out and went to town!! I then started rewiring it from scratch. It was actually easier to do that then searching for a good wire under there. I imagine the one on the front is just a bulb, I hope. Not sure what I am going to tackle next,
For some reason, this RV has 16 inch rims on the front but 16.5 on the rear. Somebody switched something around so I have located 4 16 inch rims for the rear so that way they will all be the same size and tires will cost less for the 16's verses the 16.5's .. Might go and get them tomorow so i can dress them up with a new coat of paint and some new tires on them. Sadely, the tires on the old rims are like brand new but wrong size and they are dry rotted really bad. I dont trust them at all. Afraid that they will come apart and tear things all up in the process. anyway, :O) going to go look up some swivels for the seats... later all :O)


  1. looking Good!
    I'm soooo envious!
    I currently live in a 1977 31' terry travel trailer.
    But am still stuck where I live.
    Hubby to Ill to travel much. good Luck & enjoy!
    Marci (oklahoma)

  2. hi Marci :O) welcome aboard if you want to hang out for a while and see and read about my "fun" lol Cant gaurantee that it will all be intertaining or for that matter make much sense at times but it will be for interesting reading and viewing. maybe :O) Hope your hubby gets to feeling better too. gotta go for now. Later :O)