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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Crazy weather

Its been windy here, I mean really windy..  we had gusts of 55 mph at times.  I was sitting here in the house and a few times I was wondering if it was a good idea to build the porch on the house.  Then, I was sitting here and I smelled smoke, was thinking that there must of been a really dim witted person out there some where burning pastures. Come to find out it was a huge fire down by Pratt that was out of control.  last I heard it had burned more than 100 sq miles.  There was a lot of smoke and even some ash in the air and I'm like 150 miles from there. 
 It was 81 degrees here also, but in western ks they are having a blizzard and in the north east they were having sever thunderstorms with hail and possible tornado.  Crazy weather...
  I haven't been up to much, just mostly work. I did start building the three point trailer hitch thingy so I can move trailers around easier.  Mainly I'm making it so I can pull my dump trailer around. Will make it a lot easier to go get manure for the garden. Still need to do that.
  I put the inner tube in the trailer tire finally, it just about kicked my butt.  It was almost just as bad as trying to fix a lawn mower tire.   Greased the bearings so I guess its ready to go.
  well, its late and I have a big day tomorrow so I will say goodnight :O)  be safe all and I will talk to you all again soon. 

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