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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Well Sh#t!!

Yesterday while putting the tin on the porch it was alittle misty, I had the phone in my pocket while working on it.  The screen has been busted for along time now but the phone still worked fine, well most of the time. But I guess the humidity got to it because now the screen is all scrambled and doing weird stuff. So yes, I'm am headed off to the store to get another one.  It has been rather peaceful though lol.  The bad thing is I have to pay for the phone out of pocket :O( 

So that will hurt the checking account, rather be spending the money on the my place or putting it in the savings account.  You would think that with as many phones that get lost broken or whatever, they would be a lot cheaper.
In other news :O)  I found this old forge in the junk iron pile at work the other day.  It needs some work to get it going again, the gear box that drives the blower is seized. If I cant get it freed up then I will add it to my junk iron pile lol The bowl is cracked but I can weld it to fix that problem.
A pic of the getting close to finished porch roof. Got some braces to put on, one more runner board, ect ect ect to finish it up lol Its getting there and it showered this morning and it was dry under the porch so it does what its supposed to do :O)

Heres the picture of some of the wood that I had split up a while back. The trailer on the right is full as well.

another view of the porch, now for some concrete..


So things are coming along, slow at times but progress is being made on the place :O)  I really need to get after making the chicken house and pen, I really do.   Theres just only so much time in the day and I have only so much gumption as well lol 
Heading to town to get another phone so you all  take care and be safe :O)

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