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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hi all :O)

Its been awhile and I have been up to quite abit. I thought I had some pictures of all the wood I have been splitting but I don't at this time. Will have to take some and post them later, remember back a few posts ago when I took the pictures of all the logs laying around the yard? well I have split them all up (mostly all )  and have it stacked on pallets (3 of them) that's a cord and a half by the way :O) And then I filled the wood trailer to the top of the side boards. The trailer is 10 ft by 6 ft by 5 ft tall. so its about a cord and a half in there. Needless to say I have plenty of wood. I still have about two cords to split yet.  
  The weather has been really decent here, got a couple of snows and alittle cold weather. Its more like spring than winter. Probably not a good thing. 
  As you can see I have all the gates up now, these gates are up temporarily though. I bought a old grain bin and I am going to move it home soon. Its 15 ft across and the gate system I was going to build was only going to be a 14 ft opening so yes lol there was going to be a problem. So it actually back to the drawing board to come up with a functioning gate opening. 
You can also see that there is no porch on the house too. But that is about to change :O)
One day at work I had to dig out a culvert end that some trucks had smashed shut :O/ It was so packed that I couldn't hardly get a shovel to go into the ground. As you can see I got creative :O)  It was easy enough getting up there like that to dig the end out but going back down and under where it belongs took some reverse thinking.  

This is a picture of my incinerator for trash, It looks like a jet engine to me. Thought it was pretty cool looking.  The flames were shooting out the chimney about 7 ft.

I finally have my very own anvil   yay. its heavy....  Did I mention that its really heavy? :O) It came out of a actual black smith shop, its over 100 yrs old.  Its been rather abused but its still a great find. Unfortunately, the accessories was no where to be found so I'm on the hunt for them and if nothing else I will make some.  It will be a lot easier now to make my knifes and anything else that I want to make :O)  I all ready have a forge so its all coming together.

The other day I took a bunch of tires to the trash transfer station that I had collected off my route at work. I always visit with the guy in charge of the place and listen to his stories or what ever he wants to talk about so that way when I go to the "honey hole" metal pile he doesn't ever complain :O) but anyway, I found this little skillet in the pile, I also found a pressure canner, its just like the one I already have except the brands different.  I have to buy the wire basket inside it and I need to get a steam vent weight. Its in great shape so I'm happy. Save me from having to buy another at full price.  Now I can can stuff fast with having two of them.

according to the Internet this skillet is a antique. Its in really great shape.

Went to a training program today at work so it was a easy day except for trying to stay awake while the guy talked talked and talked some more lol  anyway, I got home and I tore the county truck apart looking for a dead mouse, it was nasty!! It was clear up in the dash where I couldn't hardly get to it. Nasty :O(  Got everything put back together but wasn't ready to go inside yet so I put the plow of the tractor. Its actually not a standard plow, I I made it from some old machinery a few yrs back to turn potatoes out of the ground easier.  there a picture of it lower down.  It might rain tonight so I plowed and probably this weekend I am going to get some cow manure to put on it. Then I can till it all in and be ready to plant the garden soon :O)  I'm going all out this year on critter prevention. Going to build a temporary fence and might even electrify it as well. I WANT SOME SWEET CORN THIS YEAR lol     SO here's a pic of the plowed garden plot (s) Yes it was dark when I got done.

This is the plow I made, used to be a hitch pull behind but I converted it to a three point setup. I had another plow shear to put on it so I could plow out two rows of potatoes but I'm not sure where its at. I don't know if it made the move or not. It really works great though.

And tadaa   Its the tin for the porch and the lean too that Iam getting ready to build. :O)

here is the lumber and two more pieces of tin.  The porch will be 25 ft  x 12 ft on the front of the house.  The lean too will be 28 ft by 12 ft on the side of the storage shed.   A person can never have enough storage space. The bigger it is the more crap you drag home lol 

While plowing the garden I came up with a few bonus potaoes that I missed last fall :O)  I had home made fries with my left over pork chop tonight for supper :O)

And my bizzare find, Its a horse skull. Not sure of the story behind this but I found it in a ditch on my route.  Its crazy the stuff that I find on my route. It amazes me what people will toss in the road ditches instead of taking the crap to the landfill or the appropriate place to dispose of the stuff.   I did find a big coil of copper wire one day and Im not complaining about that though :O)

Well all, I ran out of things to tell you about. Plus I am tired and ready to go to sleep.  Been along day.  Will talk to you all again soon  :O)
Be safe all..

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