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Sunday, March 27, 2016

march 27 2016

I stayed up late last night, flipping through the tv channels and not much else lol  I hadn't watched the news in  a couple of days so needless to say when I finally got up this morning at 11 am :O) I looked out the door and you can imagine my surprise when I saw this lol

In other news, I haven't been doing much since wens, I had to have a colonoscopy :O(  wasn't that  bad honestly. The prepping to do it is the worst in my book. I woke up early thurs morning to snow that day as well but mom and I still went. Mom went with me because they wouldn't let me drive after wards.  While I was under I also had a skin tag bruise thingy removed form my leg as well. That's what has been slowing me down and hurting the last few days .  It was alittle more of a cut than I anticipated lol  went from about a inch in size to about 4 inches long.  Was a bit more of a problem than what the doctor even thought.  Its healing fine though but it is sore... 
  So I have just been tinkering around alittle her and there, nothing very serious. Was kinda trying to organize the shop some more, might as well give up on that lol  I was going to get the tractor out today and redo the moat in front of the house where I put the porch but now with the snow melting that's not a option until it dry's up. So I think I will work on the three point hitch Trailer hitch that I am making for the tractor.
It started life out as a hitch on a pickup, a few modifications and its for the tractor :O)
will be posting pics soon when its finished.
  I had a full house there yesterday for a while,  my uncle and ex aunt, lol long story. stopped by unexpectedly and then my nephew and his wife stopped by, we all sat around here and had a good visit.  sure doesn't take many people to fill my 700 sq ft house up lol  anyone else would have stopped there would of been a seating problem. :O) 
Nephew and I are going to Menard's one of these days pretty soon, Im going to buy some pvc pipe and fitting to build a chicken tractor. At least that way I can get my chickens out of their hair :O)  and have some here too :O)  Still needing to build the chicken house, been procrastinating to much I guess lol
I made some bread yesterday too, I actually made some for me and to take some up to my aunt and uncle but with all of the company none made it up to their house ooops. I will be making some more today to take up to them though :O) Its been quite a while since I had made any. Was nice to smell it baking in the oven again :O) 
I found this metal sunflower in the iron trash pile at work the otherday, its a little beat up and squeaky when the wind blows but I like it :O)  Fits right in around here with all the other beat up squeaky and old stuff lol

This is just another pic of the porch, I had taken the cut off ends of the support posts and made bracing out of them for the porch. I rather like the look it has now.  :O)  its hard to see them in this pic but if you look close you can. 

well its noon now, time to get some pants on lol  and do something constructive (or destructive )  sometimes its both :O)     So I will talk to you after while :O)  Be safe all.

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