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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Porch addition pics

X marks the spot. No, no treasures at these x's :O)  Just going to be post holes for the porch.
Figured I would toss in a before pic with no porch yet, I have been wanting this porch for some time now :O)  Its going to be nice. 26' by 12'  Room for the big grill, lawn chairs and a porch swing :O)

Ok, back to the porch construction.  I ordered 12' posts but they gave me 14 footers.  at least they wasn't 10 footers lol

It was rather dark when I got done getting them standing up straight and braced, poured some quik creet in the bottom of the holes too.  I tamped the dirt back in around them the next day. I was worried about them all day too, the wind was blowing like 40 mph at times. I went home that day wondering if they would still be standing up straight. They was :O) 

A friend came over and helped me put up the cross boards, thank fully :O)  that would have been a major pain in the butt.   Thanks buddy :O)

Cut off the extra 3 feet of post. And yes, I used the chain saw lol   I know, ladders and chainsaws usually make for a bad scenario but it turned out okay.

I came home yesterday (wens) and put up the rafter boards, wasn't quite as windy but windy enough.

all the rafters in place :O)  Taking shape....

Came home tonight and started putting up the cross boards that the tin will be screwed too. got three put up and it got dark on me. Will have to put the other two up tomorrow  evening. Sure glad its staying light longer now and Sunday we turn our clocks ahead a hour too I believe. 
  I was up on the rafters tonight putting screws in and I slipped alittle. Talk about the sphincter muscle tighten up lol   I'm coming to the realization that I'm not as agile as I once was lol  Not to long ago it wouldn't have bothered me but anymore I think about stuff like that. guess I am getting old :O)  Oh well, time marches on waiting for no one but catching up with all.

Okay lol  here's my random bizarre picture of this post, was blading on of my roads and came across this.  There was another beer can not too far away too.  Anyway, thought it was funny, don't know if some one posed it that way or what..

So that's what I have been up too lately, really looking forward to the porch being done. Get the roof on and I will be doing the dirt work then pouring the concrete. Thought about making a wood deck but I would like to enclose it eventually and make it bug proof. It wouldn't be very bug proof if I used wood for the deck so its going to be concrete.
So with that I will say Be safe all :O) Talk to you all again soon :O)

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