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Saturday, March 12, 2016

dreary day

   Woke up so a dreary wet morning, kinda hazy. Doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaned the litter box :O( I really need to teach the cat to use the toilet as a toilet instead of a play toy.  Waiting for it to clear off so I can start working on the porch. Might be just a day of working inside though. We can use the rain.
  Went to the bar last night and ate  supper with mom and uncle, was a nice visit. Mom took off and we stayed behind talking to the owner, got to talking about the things that used to be in town and whats all changed in just the years that we have been around here.  I didn't realize just how much our little town has changed.  Then we got to telling funny stories about things that we have done in our past. Had some really good laughs, been awhile since I have laughed that hard or long :O)

Got a lot of things I could be doing but haven't gotten that far.. Mostly just doing house work first then I will go out to the shop. I need to go look for some iron to make a three point hitch trailer ball thingy for the tractor so I can just back up to the trailers I have around here and hook up and move them. will be a lot easier doing it that way than backing the pickup up and getting out 2 or three times to get it into position.  I will also use the tractor and my dump bed trailer to go get some manure for the garden, really have to get that done soon..

  Will be going into town after while as well, mom bought a light fixture for her living room ceiling, need to install it for her.  It will sure brighten it up in there, odd that they never put one in when they built the place. 
  Well, better get up and going again. Just wanted to say hi :O)  talk later and be safe all.

oh yea, they have been burning pastures around here, last night they had a huge pasture fire going (under control) I could see it as soon as I left the bar last night. It was just west of my house about 1 mile. It looked really cool. I have no idea why I didn't take a picture and share it with you all. Next time. 

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