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Sunday, June 5, 2011

things I have seen along the way too and in colo

I found this statue of liberty in La Crosse ks, I thought it was pretty cool. Have only seen a few others like it, one is in the park in salina ks, another one was in the midle of a river some where back eaast.

this building is in ottowa county ks, its by the state lake and it must have thousands of names and initials carved into the rocks.  Its a sand stone rock and soft...  And yes, I carved my name and crickets in it.  :O)

not sure how to fix this or how it happened,  so you can look at it again  lol   oops

Kind of a tight sqeeze getting to the gold claim but I maid it  :O)

This is a odd design made in the rock cliffs above me across the river, look closly at it and you wqill see what I am talking about.  Its about 200' across side to side and top to bottom. Never have seen anything like that before so I thought I would share with you all. 

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  1. wow look at those rock cliffs! a circle pattern! thank you for sharing you pics!