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Sunday, June 19, 2011

hi :O)

   I was checking out the scenery while driving north up towards Nathrop Colorado and looked out the window too the west and saw this up on the side of the mountain.. Can anyone else see what I see up there?? Its really cool I think and it should be pretty easy to see :O) but just in case, think Christmas show, it was my favorite back when I was a kid :O) come on you all, post a comment :O)
this is the spot I was camped in from Monday to today (Sunday)  Cricket and I hiked all over the place and we even found some gold (two specks) in the stream right in front of the camper.  there was these canal things dug all over the side of the mountain that was used for running water to where they wanted it i assume. Followed on of them for about 2.5 miles and never came to the end. 

BEAR POOP!!!!    I cant believe it!!    But know that I think about it, its probably from that escaped bear from the zoo that I heard about or he was on fulow lol   Because we all know there are no wild bears in colo!!!   :O)   I dont care what you say penny,  it was abig dog you saw lol


  1. I see a profile of a smiling gorilla inside Africa! =) How's that for random? You going to stay in that spot another week or move on? I say, stay!

  2. haha!! it so was not a big dog! hope that you get to see it soon! but at a far distance :)

    love the snow!