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Sunday, June 19, 2011

just rambling

Friday the 17 of June 2011. Cleaning day for me. Fired up the generator and got the vacuum cleaner out and went to town cleaning the floor closets anything with dust or debris. Its amazing that no matter how careful you are not to track stuff into the home you still get it!!! I blame cricket and she blames the cat and the cat blames me so you can see that it is a vicious cycles that we have going on here lol
While I am vacuuming and cleaning I’m also charging the rv batteries and all the other things like the phone, mp3 player ( yea, I’m not cool enough to have a ipod) lol I’m doing this in the middle of the day when the other campers are off doing their thing so I don’t disturb anyone too much. Some people don’t know how to be polite with their generators, they think that they need to run them in the middle of the night when everyone is trying to sleep. Grrrrr. One of my pet peeves.
Its been cloudy the last couple of days, making it hard for the solar panels to keep up. Its actually started sprinkling just a min ago. They could sure use a good rain around here, then maybe I can have a camp fire. Banned right now. Haven’t really doing a lot but taking some hikes around to see what I can find, been keeping a eye open for a elk antler or deer but no such luck so far. I am curious though about something here though, its water runoff ditches that have been dug along the hill sides following the contours like a terrace does. The little brook that is running right beside the camper is one of such(canals?) There are a bunch of old ones all over r the place. I might just follow this one and see where it goes too. I’m thinking that maybe they diverted the water to go to a place that the old gold miners might have been working and needed water so they made them. Don’t know, have to get back to you all on that one after I check it out.
Cricket has been sick, started out with diarrhea then stopped and then came back and then she vomited a couple of times. She is acting better but she worries me, she went out side this morning and laid down in the grass lining the brook in the water. After that is when she started acting a little better. Might have to go find a vet to have her checked out if it keeps up.

Oh yea! I did a dumb A$$ thing with the camera. I know better than to put anything in my shirt pocket around water, yep, you guessed it. Into the drink it went, completely submersed for a 1.3 seconds but long enough to mess it all up. Saved the pictures off it and tried drying it out the best I could. Was really pissed at myself for being so careless and not wanting to spend another 100 dollars to replace it… 2 days after it went swimming to the bottom of the creek I thought I would try it one last time and low and behold, the dang thing worked :O) could not believe it. The view screen looks a little weird but it works, not sure just how long but it works lol Whew!!!
Went for a bike ride the other day, it was really fun ……. For awhile. Rode up the hill a short ways (½) mile felt really good and was impressed with myself. Turned around and came sailing down the hill to the RV, it was quite refreshing actually. Wasn’t tired at all and I got too thinking to myself ( I need to stop listening to myself when on a bike ) I decided I would ride it down this trail and see where it goes, wasn’t all that steep to look at, went sailing down that trail like I owned it!!! Hit some loose gravel and fish tailed a little, :O) got the Adrenalin pumping a little. Decided that I had better stop and check things out for a little while, all was fine and nothing interesting there. Figured I had better head back to the RV because I knew that cricket was pissed off because I didn’t take her with me. Started pedaling back (up hill) and shifted down, and shifted down again and again until it wouldn’t shift down anymore and I was not making much headway going UP HILL !!! Stopped, checked the brakes out (thought they might be dragging me down) but no, nothing wrong with the bike, it was ME!!! Lol needless to day, I pushed that bike 1 mile back to the RV, hung it back up on its hooks and it will only be a flat lander bike or a down hill emergency bike lol maybe when I am in better shape then maybe I will ride it again but until then, I will stick to hiking. :O)


  1. ... damn bike! you should rig one up with an engine! You could totally do that!

  2. sounds like you having a lot of fun :)