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Sunday, June 26, 2011

fairplay colo / beaver cr.

I have been up at Beaver creek co for the last 6 days so far, about 10900 ft above sea level. Yes, it was hard to breath at first lol I’m at the GPOC claim here and across the creek there is a old mining operation, I took several pics of the old stuff around there.

Found this jack rabbits foot in the tree just like the pic shows, I don’t think that it was very lucky for him so I left it there. I need better luck than that lol

These owls were in the park at Buena vista, one adult and two babies. They sat there all day long watching everyone walk around the park. I was extra careful with cricket because the adult was eyeballing her pretty hard. The park was a really nice one too, couldn’t stay over night but you could hang out all day. There was bathrooms and water hydrants and you could dump your trash there in the bin. I also found a place on the east end of main street by the activities park that have restrooms and a public shower. It costs you a dollar for 3 minutes, it took me 3 dollars to get clean just stand there in the hot spray of water :O) It felt sooooo GOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!! Lol I do miss my hot showers with water pressure..

This old shovel is something out of the mad max movie I am pretty sure :O) It could be related to dads loader which his dad had started building and using back in the 40’s. They look like they were built by the same person. What do you think clayt? Lol I don’t think we can drive her home though so you might want to bring a trailer lol

This is the view I had from the top of a mountain ridge that I climbed the other day, took me 2.5 hrs to climb it and about 45 min to come back down lol Didn’t see any animals except squirrels birds and ants… Lots of huge ant hills around here, got to be careful where you stop to rest at because sometimes, they don’t make ant hills they just kind of make their home at ground level.. Cricket started hoping around like a crazy dog and come to find out she had stopped in one such place.. She is more observant of the ground now :O)
Okay, so they are not whales but they were fun to catch. About froze my feet off standing in the water to catch them. I guess this is as big as they get up here, They are called browns I guess from what one guy was telling me. There are some beaver ponds here too, some really big ones. Probably about head high to me. I have learned one thing too, when it comes about time for the sun to set, you go inside because the mosquitoes from the beaver ponds come out to play!!!!
The side of the mountain by the old gold mine had these flowers all over it, thought I would share them with you all :O

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