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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Howdy all :O)

Where to start???  well,  I FOUND SOME GOLD !!!   lol  not rich by any means but i found some after two days of back breaking arm killing pick and shovel work.   :O)   I have figured out that i have way too many buckets,  i think that I should only have around 5  lol   It has been gorgeous out here on the river just south of wellsville co.  Have meet some really nice people and some odd ones too  :O)  but its all been a good time.  Talked to friends back home and they said it was like 90 too 95 degrees and 80 % humidity...   wow, I dont miss that.  its been at the hottest 82 and 20 % humidity.  :O)   supper nice.  
 The high banker worked great and I like I said, found some gold..   Got some pics to post so I will back with some more info in a bit.     :O)

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