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Sunday, June 12, 2011

just rambling about things

This is crazy, I have meet more homeless people on the road than I could ever have imagined. I guess you hear about it on TV all the time and you know its there but it honestly doesn’t sink in until you see it first hand. You see them and you know right off sometimes and then you look at someone and think that it looks like they have it all together only to get to talking to them and you find out that they are homeless. They will tell you your story willingly, I guess that they need for someone to hear what they have been going through or something. Maybe its just to talk and maybe get some reassurance that things will be okay again for them.
Then, there is the other homeless that have issues. I have run into a few of them and its not good sometimes. You sense something is not right with them but before you figure it out your in a conversation with them and there it is and your left trying to figure out how your going to excuse yourself from their company without them getting all fired up… Sometimes you can if your lucky.
Makes me wonder what is going to happen to these people. Will they find a home and get help or will they forever wander the streets and roads of our country?
The other day I was doing laundry when in walked this attractive women, except for her hair. I do not understand the dread lock thing!! Looks nasty to me, and dirty and I think that automatically. I know that I shouldn’t, that it is profiling but dang people :O) anyway, actually started talking to her and found out that she is living out of her car. She didn’t go into great detail about it just that she was a trail guide out here in colo during the summer. She goes out for two weeks at a time with this job. While we were talking another guy joined our conversation about how he was homeless too and he went on to tell us both where we could get drinking water and not be hassled parking in some places around town. He looked like a college professor or something to that nature but I don’t know, never asked him. There was 4 people in there doing laundry that day that are homeless, wonder what kind of crowd I see tomorrow??
Then there is the young travelers, hitch hikers, hobos who, some have a home (some don’t) that they can go back too. I am talking about the ones that have money in their pocket and a mom and dad that they can call on their cell phone if they need too. I saw one sitting on a corner with a sign that read, “homeless and broke trying to get home to sick mother.” talking on his cell phone to his mother (who wasn’t sick) telling her where to wire the money because he was down to 1200.00 and he wanted to fly to Washington state with some friends….. You see it all out here :O) its truly an experience for me to see this first hand. Like I said earlier, you see it and hear about it all the time but until you SEE IT first hand you really don’t see it. If this makes any kind of sense lol anyway, having fun watching people and talking to them. One of my favorite things to do by the way. Later all be safe :O)

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  1. makes you feel thank you for what you have huh! no matter how bad it feels like it can get it can always be worse!